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You are probably well aware by now of the dizzying array of options available to you when it comes to printing your book. So it's natural that you find yourself asking, "What's the difference with Printorium Bookworks?"

Our difference is more about what we don't promise. We don't make any claims of making your next book a best seller. We realize that you can think for yourself so we will share with you how to handle the marketing of your book. We don't offer in-house design or editing services, but we can hook you up with some of the better known professionals in the business.

Best of all you maintain control of your book at all times. There are no contracts to sign and you can order as many books as you like – when you need them.

So what is our promise? We promise that your books are delivered right and on time –
every time. We've been printing for over 100 years so we know how important consistency and quality is.

You can contact Craig Shemilt toll free: 1-800-661-3332 or if it’s local: 250-385-9786  Ext. 103
or by email:


Printorium Bookworks produces the exact quantity of books, from a single copy to thousands when you want; no guesswork, no warehousing and no waste. Using the latest in digital print equipment and skill, our high-quality printing of text pages and covers, combined with professional perfect binding and optional laminated covers, makes books produced by Printorium almost indistinguishable from offset-printed books. As well as offering a solution for black & white books, we produce full colour picture books, children’s books, art books, photography books, cook books, comic books and graphic novels.

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