Professional eBook Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve already written my book in Word, can’t you just "convert" it for me?

It’s possible to do this, but not worthwhile. In order to get the TOC (table of contents) and NCX (navigational control file) to generate in the conversion process, a lot of behind-the-scenes HTML code manipulation would be required. This would take time — time better spent properly laying out your book in our layout software, which will then properly generate your eBook, complete with TOC, NCX, and embedded cover design.

  • How come my eBook doesn’t look like my hardcopy book?

eBook technology is still very new and limited. For example, a hardcopy book may have an image on the left side of the page with text wrapped around it on the right side of the page and underneath. However, text wrapping is still not supported in eBooks. Also, many eBook readers do not support embedded fonts. So if your hardcopy book layout used fancy fonts, or drop-caps, or specially stylized text, in most cases this will not show up in the eBook version. The technology is getting better all the time, but there are still many limitations.

  • Do you also create Book Cover?

Yes, we can also create Book Cover for your kindle and epub format. Please email to us for more detail.

  • How are converted files delivered to me?

We deliver validated .epub & .mobi files that can be uploaded directly to your Amazon DTP, Barnes & Noble Pubit, Google Books, or Apple account. The format we provide is guaranteed to be compatible with all versions (past & future) of the Kindle.

  • How do you usually handle back covers?

Back cover with ISBN number & price are NOT allowed as your ebook will get rejected. Mostly back covers are not included in the Ebooks.

  • If there are few changes that need to be made in kindle or epub format file, what will be the charges?

The cost depends on what kind and how many changes are needed. You need to give us the list and we will quote based on it. If changes are due to our errors, there will be no cost.

  • Why to validate ePUB format eBooks?

Apple's iPad only accepts ePub format eBooks. Those eBooks need to pass the strict ePub validation requirements. ePUB is a globally accepted, free and open-ebook. The ePUB eBook format was purposely discovered to be a single format that publishers and conversion houses can use in-home, as well as for distribution and sale. ePUB is the file extension of an XML format for reflow-able digital books and publications. Many times during an ePub conversion, the standards for ePub reflow-able digital books are not maintained and it causes error.  To identify any such errors, the ePub validation tool was discovered. This tool identifies errors for the ePub book developer to eliminate, then creates the ePub format book to meet all standards. The ePub validation tool checks OCF container structure, OPF and OPS mark-up.