Professional eBook Services

eBook Cover Design


Even though you’ve chosen the eBook format over print (or, perhaps, in addition to print), you’ll still need a book cover.

SpicaBookDesign is based in Victoria, BC Canada and provides book design service for self-published authors. We can help you to get to market with a great looking, properly designed book, on time and on budget.

Studies show that consumers spend eight seconds or less considering a book before moving on to the next one on the shelf — in other words, people really do judge a book by its cover. Don’t you feel that your book deserves more than eight seconds of attention?

Without professional layout and an eye catching cover, your book risks being lost among the thousands of other titles competing for attention from the media and the buying public. 

Most people agree that the cover of the book helps us a gather a brief idea of what the book is about and immediately formulates our opinion of the book. An attractive book cover certainly generates feelings of excitement or anticipation and compels the viewer to open the book. A well-designed cover adds additional value to your book, conveys the book’s message, reflects the author, and also increases book sales. An eye-catching book cover creates a positive feeling in the consumer who buys the book.

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