Professional eBook Services

Terms and Conditions


  • New customers (authors only) agree to pay eBook 50% of the agreed cost of the services to be provided before work can begin on the customer's project. The remaining 50% will be due immediately on completion. (An invoice/payment request will be sent electronically. A full invoice will then be sent, on completion of payment, by email & post.)
  • Returning customers and publishing companies agree to pay monies due within 30 days of completion.
  • Completion is classed as when the finished files are approved.


  • eBook will refuse to convert any book from one format to another format where the DRM has to be broken, if you do not own the copyright or have the legal permission to do so. For example, if you buy the books and then get a new device in a different format and want them converted.

Payments to our Partner Services

  • We accept no legal responsibility for the services provided by or the payments to the Partner Services or other companies advertising on this website.


  • We reserve the right to refuse to convert any book that contains racial abuse and/or pornography.
  • eBook will not be held responsible if the final completion date is past the estimated completion date.


  • Final proofreading is the responsibility of the client.
  • The client approve their entire content prior to delivery and/or reproduction.

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