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How to Upload Kindle File On Your Own?

If you want to upload kindle format file on your own (which is very simple), please visit this link for instructions.

How Can I Get On to an Apple's iBookstore?

There are number of distributors, or "aggregators," who can get you on the iBookstore for the iPad is growing. They submit your book for you.You can use,, etc.

How to Publish an eBook At Smashwords

  1. Smashwords is a free service that will help you convert your book into nine eBook formats, ready for immediate sale online. The service is extremely easy to use. Smashwords only accepts finished manuscripts from the original author. The first step is to sign up for a free account at . Be careful to choose a screen name that matches your pen name (the name under which you plan to publish your book) because this screen name will become part of a unique web address you will use to market your book. After you complete the signup page, you'll receive an email confirmation with an account activation hyperlink. Be sure to add to your email "safe list," to ensure you receive the email. After you click the account activation hyperlink, your Smashwords account is activated.
  2. Smashwords offers a wide variety of free online resources to help you publish your book. A good first step is to visit the "How to Publish at Smashwords" page, located at . This page offers a variety of important links to resources you should study, the Smashwords Terms of Service (your contract with Smashwords), the Smashwords Distribution Information page (how Smashwords distributes your book) and the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide (how to market your eBook).
  3. Once your formatting is complete, click the "Publish" link at the top of any Smashwords page. The Publish page offers a simple series of seven steps, where it will ask you to enter: The title of your book; a short 400 character synopsis; the language of the book; the price; the sampling percentage (allows you to offer a small portion of the book for free); the categorization of the book; and keyword tags. Next, it will ask you to attach a book cover image. Book covers are very important because they offer a visual representation of your book. If you do not have a book cover image, you can add one later. Next, attached your book manuscript as a Microsoft Word file. Next, it will ask you to agree to the Smashwords Terms of Service prior to you uploading your book. Once you agree, double check all of the above fields on this page to make sure everything is filled out completely. Then click the Publish link at the bottom of the page. There will be a short pause in which your web browser uploads your files to the Smashwords server, and then you will progress to the ebook conversion page with a spinning progress wheel. In front of your eyes, you will watch as Smashwords converts your book into multiple eBook formats. You do not have to watch this page, especially if there is a long queue in front of you (the page will tell you your place in line).
  4. Once the conversion completes, usually within three to five minutes, you will receive a confirmation page on screen, as well as an email confirmation. If the on-screen confirmation page shows error messages, it means Smashwords' automated format-checker, called AutoVetter, has detected possible errors in your formatting. It will advise you of the error and how to fix it, or where you can learn to fix it. If you receive no errors, then click the link to proceed to your book page, which has been automatically generated for you. Your book is also now displayed on the Smashwords home page and ready for immediate wordwide sampling and sale.
  5. Once books are published at Smashwords, all eligible books are automatically considered for free inclusion in the Smashwords Premium Catalog. The Premium Catalog represents a subset of Smashwords titles that have been approved for distribution to major retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and Amazon. To learn more about the requirements, visit
  6. Once your book is published, it's time to market it! Smashwords offers a free e book to help you, called The Smashwords Book Marketing Guide. The Guide provides over 25 marketing ideas you can implement immediately, all at no cost.

How to publish your eBook to itunes

Publish Your eBook With Kobo Writing Life

Sell Your eBooks On Google Play

Customers can easily purchase and read digital editions of books on Google Play. By completing a few steps, you'll allow customers to preview a book, and also have the option to purchase its full content. After purchase, the book will be live on the customer's online bookshelf, available to be accessed and read on most devices with Internet access and a web browser, as well as on supported partner devices.