Professional eBook Services

eBook Conversion

Can any book be converted into an eBook?

Technically, yes, but practically, no. There are some books, like workbooks, textbooks (scholarly), and graphic novels that do not work well at all as an eBook due to the limitations of eBooks. Books with many graphs, charts, equations, and small text that will not translate well as images, just will not work. Fortunately, these are not common, but they do exist.

Also, books with images that exceed 20 megs will not be accepted by the majority of eBook retailers. So often these kids of books are generally not worth converting.

How long do conversions take?

If you are submitting a .doc, .docx, .pages, .odt, or .rtf file, we will have a proof ready for you to review within approximately 5 business days.  If you are submitting a PDF file, we need 7 business days. Once you've approved the proof, we'll need a day or two to do the final conversion to the various eBook formats.

Can I convert my titles to eBooks format myself?

Sure. You can also build a car for yourself too. A fully fledged quality eBook consists of an embedded cover, a table of contents that links to each chapter or where appropriate, and beautiful, readable type that formats properly on whatever device it gets dumped into. This all takes programming finesse and skilled human eye for design. Professional ePub and kindle formatting is very much important, because your book will look as good or better than those from the big publishing houses.

Do you also convert hard copy, paperback files to kindle and epub format eBooks?

Yes, we OCR the scanned hard copy/paperback files to word doc and then we convert that word doc to kindle and ePub format books. This includes extra charges.

I have a pdf format of my book and I have heard the iPad can display pdfs, why should I convert my book to the ePub format?

PDF is a fixed format, you can't adjust the font sizes and the text does not flow freely depending on which device you're using. In future people will be expecting to read their books on different devices, be that the iPad, the Kindle, the iPhone or the computer screen. The ePub is the only clear format that provides people with convenience of freely flowing, adjustable text on whatever reading device they're using – not unlike how words on a web page re-flow when you re-size the window.

Can you convert books in non-English languages?

Yes. We can convert eBooks in Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian. It does not include additional charges.
Please note: We do not translate any of your text for you. If you'd like to distribute an eBook in two or more languages you will have to send them separately as two separate conversions.

How can I make changes to my eBook?

You can make unlimited changes prior to the conversion. You can edit anything contained in the book as long as it is documented clearly on what changes you are requesting for the eBook. After conversion, you won't be able to make changes in eBook. We can make changes but you may incur change fees.