Professional eBook Services


What We Do

  • We Prepare Your File for Conversion: Converting a document into an eBook requires manual editing and formatting to make it function properly and look great. An automated conversion poorly done will lead to bad reader reviews and poor sales. Our team of experts will do our best to ensure that doesn't happen to your book.
  • We Convert Your File to the Required eBook Types: It would be nice if all eBooks had one standard format, but unfortunately, they don't. We convert your book to the formats offered by the major online booksellers, to each retailer's specifications.
  • We Check Your Converted eBook for Quality: You can always use an extra set of eyes looking over your book before it is published. When the files are converted, we open your eBook on eBook reader simulators to ensure the converted files look professional.
  • We also can DESIGN and PRINT your BOOK! Ask us for details!

What You Do

  • Send us your book block file and your book cover image. We prefer .pages, .doc/docx, .odt or .rtf files, but also accept PDF files and physical books.
  • Pay just $170 per title as a one-time formatting and conversion fee. Books with many graphics/photos, tables, charts, special characters, and/or columns may require extra work. If your book fits in this category, we will notify you of any extra charges before we begin your job.
  • Sit back, and relax! No need to spend hours following strict formatting guides – we do all the work for you! And we complete most conversions within a few days.