Professional eBook Services


We work with authors and publishers to format and convert books into eBooks, that can be distributed to all the major eBook retailers including Amazon, Apple, B&N, Sony, Ingram, and Kobo. We are a team of conversion specialists devoted to the expansion of knowledge through the digital medium. We understand the challenges of today’s author and are dedicated to making your voice heard in an ever expanding publishing market.

eBook offers a full eBook conversion service to the clients. We can convert from any to any format. Many authors and publishers do not have the time or expertise it requires to produce a well formatted eBook. Converting a book into any eBook format can be complicated and, to get the best results, really requires a professional conversion company such as ourselves.

Once we receive your files we will manually convert your file/document/book into the two most popular eBook formats: Amazon Kindle and ePub (Apple, B&N, Sony). These two formats are easily the most popular and widely used – between them providing compatibility with virtually every reading platform there is. (We can, of course, provide you with finished books in any other format you require).

We will then check that the eBook is well designed by thoroughly testing such things as the internal links and  checking that any images display and work correctly. We will also make sure that the overall layout of the eBook is compatible with the major eBook Readers and applications. The end result is a well designed and formatted eBook.

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